Febi Coolant Temp Sensor  01651

Febi Coolant Temp Sensor 01651

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NEW Genuine Febi Bilstein Coolant Temperature Sensor


Febi are the pioneer in the spare parts market. As a group-independent, family-owned company with a long tradition, they have early on supported alternatives to original parts that are of equal or higher quality � in the interest of consumers worldwide.

Febi Bilstein has been active in the metal processing industry since 1844 and thus possesses lots of experience. In their in-house production - Bilstein Group Engineering - They manufacture various automotive parts � from Chain Tensioners to Water and Oil Pumps to Wheel Hubs.

Length 36,7 mm, Outer Diameter 8,0 mm, Outer Thread M10 x 1 mm, Thread Length 9,7 mm, Spanner size 13, Number of ports 1, Brass, Switch Point 120 �C, Quantity required 1